Our Story

Milestone Story


Founder Matt Buzzard has racing in his blood. Born into a family of racers, his weekends were spent at local drag strips. Matt and his siblings served as the pit crew for their dad who raced muscle cars including a classic 1968 Chevy Camaro. Now as a father and grandfather that tradition continues, and Matt’s wife and daughters are part of the family business.

After spending his early professional years working for other companies, Matt took a leap of faith in 2002 and opened his own manufacturers’ representative agency. More than a decade later, Milestone Marketing represents an ever growing list of top manufacturers in the racing, marine, agricultural and consumer markets. Milestone’s marketing philosophy simply put is:

  • We represent top quality products and companies in a highly professional and ethical manner.
  • We build strong relationships and loyal customers while sharing full accountability of our activities to our clients.
  • We add value to our client’s bottom line without adding overhead.

Accountability and hard work are hallmarks of Matt’s youth and today remain the values by which he leads Milestone Marketing.